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Friday Night Live Article - Distracted Driving

Car accidents -- they happen every minute of every day, meaning that around 1,440 occur each day. One in four of those car accidents are caused by texting while driving, something that is easily preventable but never truly taken seriously. People think that they are invincible, that they won’t be part of those statistics; however, this foolish perspective has caused far too many accidents that could have been avoided. In 2014, distracted driving killed 3,179 people and injured around 431,000 people, a number that is far too high when one considers how easy it is to just put down his or her phone while driving. Returning to the notion that people think that they are invincible, no age group believes in this as much as teenagers, supported by the fact that 10% of all drivers in the age range of 15 to 19 years old were reported to be distracted during the crashes.


People cannot relate to the statistics; they hear them and think “That won't happen to me,” but this is exactly the mindset that causes fatal accidents. Friday Night Live wants to reduce these numbers, to save at least one life by bringing awareness to this issue. We are making an awareness video that will portray a situation in which two individuals die by distracted driving. Our video is intended to be impactful and to show others how serious distracted driving is. With our video, we hope to make a change, one person at a time.