Ms. Luna - October 2017 GGUSD Employee of the Month

Ms. Luna graduated from Garden Grove High School and then returned to the district in September 2005 to serve as an instructional aide for preschool at Brookhurst Elementary School through June 2006. She was a student teacher at Santiago High School and was re-hired as a teacher in September 2007 at Bolsa Grande High School where she has taught AVID and History. Her colleagues said that she always puts her students and coworkers first. They said that in spite of challenges to her personal health, Monica remained a relentless advocate for her students, providing outstanding sub lessons during her unavoidable absences. Her colleagues called her one of the most selfless people who is consistently available for her students and has had such a positive impact on them. They said that Monica has an amazing work ethic, and they call her an inspiring and heroic teacher. Monica said her favorite thing about the job is interacting with students and that she feels fulfilled when she helps mentor students with their college or career choices. When students participate in debates, role play, discussion in class, it gives her hope that our future is bright with a generation of students who are smart, tech savvy and tolerant toward others.