Seniors Awarded at OCDE AVID Senior Scholarship Recognition Ceremony

 just wanted to let you know that the AVID Team (Me, Lou Podesta, Adam Waugh, Loan Wu, and Louise Milner) went to the OCDE AVID Senior Scholarship Recognition Ceremony last night at UCI. It is always such an amazing night where we get to hear all the amazing and inspiring stories of high school students who persevere through crazy trials and achieve their dreams. They also get to be awarded with lots of free money!!  I am so excited to tell you that our three students who were invited this year recieved $62,000 total. 
Tiffany Guyot  and Viet Pham recieved a $6,250 renewable ($25,000 each) scholarship from AVID Kingston Technology Foundation 
Nadyah Shah (Senior Standout) recieved a $3,000 renewable scholarship ($12,000) from Dad's House Foundation
If you see them around, please congratulate them on their hard work that got them all that free money !!!$$$