Matadors Celebrate Native American Dance


Recently, some of our very own Matadors helped bring Native American culture and tradition alive at the "21st Annual Rancho Days Fiesta" in Heritage Hill Historical Park. The powerful performance of authentic dance and dress was broadcast on the local KTLA  Morning News and included, among others, Bolsa Grande students Ba’ac Garcia, Nanabah Kadenehii, and mother Lupe Lopez.

The eight-person troupe performs not only throughout our community but also at California Indian reservations and Native American reservations nationwide.  The dance, performed in traditional regalia from a variety of Native American tribes, has been a cherished tradition passed down throughout the generations. When speaking with dance members, it is easy to see the pride held for their culture and craft. "Members have danced since they’ve been able to walk,” group member Ms. Lopez states. And the significance goes deeper than just performance. “We still exist, and we have not been gone," Lopez continues. "Native Americans exist in our classrooms, in our schools, and in our urban communities.”


BGHS freshman Ba’ac Garcia has danced since childhood and points to “Fancy Dance” as his favorite part of the art, and his passion shows. The entire Bolsa Grande family certainly has something to look forward to as the Native American Dance Group plans to share their culture and this energetic, fast-paced dance at Bolsa Grande’s annual “International Fair” in the upcoming year.