Friday Night Live: Take the Dare to be Aware

Take the Dare to be Aware

    In today’s society it has become widely known that teenagers like to partake in social activities. It would also be plausible to say that many teens go to parties, and often they are dragged into the consumption of alcohol. Some may drink alcohol for the fleeting sensations, and others may drink it due to peer pressure. Whatever the reason may be, we as a community cannot disregard the hazards of drinking – especially underage drinking.

    It is important to note that alcohol is the drug that is most frequently used by teenagers in the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 72% of students have consumed alcohol by the end of their high school career. And of these teens that drink alcohol, 1 in 6 binge drink. In other words, they drink continually without pauses or rests. Of the vast number of teens that drink alcohol, not many of them realize the fatal effects that alcohol consumption produces. The impact of alcohol on the brain can lead to alcoholism, an addiction in which the drinker constantly has a strong need to drink and may thus be physically dependent on the beverage. Additionally, impaired judgment will result from excessive consumption of alcohol. This impaired judgment may include other factors such as memory lapses, blackouts, slow reflexes, and distorted vision. By weighing the negative effects of drinking alcohol with the “thrill” that teens may associate with it, one should deduce that it is simply not worth it.

    But drinking doesn’t just affect teenagers at home, for it can affect others as well. For instance, it has been reported that teens drink and drive about 2.4 million times per month. Moreover, 1 in 5 teen drivers that are involved in detrimental car crashes have traces of alcohol in their system. It is essential to realize that kids that start drinking at a young age are 7 times more likely to be involved in a car crash related to alcohol. Thus, alcohol consumption might not just affect a person individually, but it may also impact those around the consumer.

    However, there are options to stop oneself from consuming alcohol. Don’t submit to peer pressure. Friends that pressure you to drink are not true friends. Be educated on the lethal qualities of alcohol. Don’t be pulled into the drinking rave by believing that having fun is equivalent to alcohol consumption. Lastly, know your worth, and know that you are better than an alcoholic beverage.

    Despite the legal drinking age, millions of teenagers still abuse these accessible beverages daily. What makes alcohol even more appealing is the promotion of these alcoholic beverages. Especially on social media, alcohol is idealized as part of the teenage life. But we must take into account the negatives of alcohol abuse. Is alcohol really worth it? The answer is no. No amount of alcohol can be compared to the magnitude of an individual’s life. Be aware of what you choose to put in your body. Be aware of the effects that alcohol has. Most importantly, be aware of why you are even choosing to consume alcohol in the first place.