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To be honest, I didn’t start out wanting to be a science teacher.  I always knew I would do something in science but teaching, hmmm....  It was never expressed to me how much fun or rewarding it could be.  Now that I have been teaching for a while, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!!!!!   While teaching was not in the cards early on, science definitely was.  Like most that love science, I was the kid that did experiments in the kitchen (much to my parents’ dismay),had the model planes and rockets hanging from my bedroom ceiling and tried to take apart and reassemble anything I could get my hands on (parents weren't  too happy about that one either.)  When I went off to college, Physics was an easy and natural choice for me to make. 


This school year will be the start of my 19th year of teaching.  In the areas of math and science, there isn’t much that I haven’t taught.  I started out my career in a K-8 school in Paramount teaching all levels of math and science to 6-8th graders and occasionally to some of the smaller folks as well.  As much as I loved it, I decided that I should move on up and try my hand at high school.  I have been teaching Physics and AP Physics now for 12 years and have had more fun than I once again thought possible.  Along with teaching Physics, there is always another class that I am asked to teach which keeps me on my toes (Chemistry.) 


When I can get away from it all, I try to get completely away! The less people and more trees there are the happier I am.  I find that sleeping in a tent and hiking until my legs feel like they will fall off is a nice balance to dealing with the hundreds of people a day during the school year.  It also gives me a chance to reconnect with the wonder and curiosity that drove me into science in the first place. 


B.S. Physics - Purdue University 1997
M.S. Science Education - Cal State University, Long Beach 2011
Helpful websites
The Physics Classroom: 
A great tutorial website that explains concepts that we will be covering throughout the year.  There are also additional interactive labs that help with understanding- and dare I say that some of them are fun as well :-)
A good website if you need a straightforward explanation of a topic with a bit of math included (ok- so it is heavy on some of the math. But is that really such a bad thingjQuery18307061720872297883_1473225154460?  I think not.) 
This is FABULOUS!!!!!!  Bookmark it NOW!!   It provides video tutorials and not just for science but for several topics.