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Hello and thank you for taking the time to come see my page. My name is Mr. Doug Euper and I teach Economics and U.S. History. I absolutely love the subjects I teach and hope to ignite a fire in my students that will help them in their studies this year and in the future for them to carry along.

My roots—not far from here, stem in sunny and happy Huntington Beach, where I spent most of my childhood, growing late into my teen years. I have very fond memories of my high school years and would like each student to try and be the best that they can ever be.After graduating high school, I attended The College of Idaho on an athletic scholarship. I majored in history and played college baseball for Idaho.

I have always felt history as inspiring because it involves ordinary people doing

extraordinary things, and this specifically encouraged me in my pursuance of an education in the subject of History while at The College of Idaho. In my education, I have grown to find and understand that History helps the world turn and helps people as well. History remains an unending necessary cycle for the sake of learning. None of the other school subjects would be written without history. Further on, in teaching Economics, I have found that its basis remains in logic and reason, providing the ability to make sense of the world around me and others. Moving along in my college career, I also experienced an outstanding career as a pitcher for the Coyote baseball team while in college, and later went on to become a four-time All-Timber-Prairie Athletic Conference selection, earning NAIA All-America honors. As I mentioned before in loving the subjects I teach, I currently hold the career record for saves and appearances in school history at the College of Idaho. Currently, I am also the club advisor for Project Angkor, which is a medical mission that provides the underserved people of Cambodia. Last year, our club helped raise about a thousand dollars which allowed us to buy school uniforms for an orphanage in the Kep Province of Cambodia. This year we have raised over a thousand dollars that will go to buy rice and noodles for yet another Province in Cambodia. Project Angkor has also brought together medical professionals and our students to expose students to careers in the medical field. Project Angkor is a wonderful charity that I am pleased to be a part of. Feel free to learn more about Project Angkor here:

Lastly, I am an extremely proud father. I have two championship boys named Calvin and Casey. I enjoy spending time with my two championships, running, biking, eating, reading nonfiction, daily learning, and overall—life—on my spare time, and making myself better at what I do as a professional instructor. I really am the luckiest guy in the world—Never waste a day, for every day, history is made.

Remember, each individual, but especially a student has the key to their own success!