Hi and welcome to the Bolsa Grande webpage.  Coach Lamb is a physical education teacher, and is in his 17th year at Bolsa, and is in his 25th year teaching overall. His first teaching gig was at Hawthorne High School, in Hawthorne, California. Coach Lamb is a fifth generation O.C. native and has lived in the Fountain Valley/ Huntington Beach area for most of his fifty-six years. Lamb is also a third generation teacher. His Grandfather Norm Kettering was a Biology teacher at Harbor City College and Head Basketball coach in the 50's and 60's. His mother (Karen Lamb) is a retired teacher out of the Ocean View School District and a 1956 Garden Grove High School Alumni. His father (Ed Lamb), also a GGHS class of '56' grad, was a teacher in the Garden Grove Unified for over 30 years. Coach Lamb has three children-Crystal, Jacob, and Cody-and two grandchildren, Katelyn and Lily     Coach Lamb graduated Fountain Valley High School in 1979.  Lamb then went to California State University Long Beach, were he majored in physical education.  In 1984, Lamb's dream to become a teacher was sidetracked, and  he happily drove big-rig trucks to help support his young and growing family.  In 1993, Lamb seized the opportunity to finish his teaching credential, and completed student teaching.  In the spring of '93' at age 32, Lamb was ready to interview for his first teaching job.  "Dreams do come true, some just take longer, hang in there, and always keep the dream alive".   In 1994 Lamb was hired by Hawthorne High to teach physical education.   At Hawthorne, Lamb continued to coach football, as he had done years earlier at Ocean View High School.  After eight good years at Hawthorne, it was time to find an new challenge; he found it at Bolsa.  From 2002-2010 was Lamb  the head football coach at Bolsa.  Lamb states," It is was an honor to have been the head football coach at Bolsa Grande High School".  Lamb is know involved in Frosh football, track and field and the WAC club.