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Welcome to our website for information about education here at BGHS.  This is my twelfth year with the Garden Grove Unified School District and my eighth year here at Bolsa Grande High School in Special Education for  Visual Impairments.  I am credentialed from California State University Los Angeles, as an Education Specialist in Vision Impairments. During the school day, I teach many courses including Algebra 1P Inclusion, Algebra 1A SE, Edge English SE, and VH Resource. If you have any questions about your son or daughter's progress in any of my classes, please feel free to email or call me at school.

In my role as the teacher of your young adult, I will be assessing and evaluating aspects regarding their vision and education, developing educational and instructional strategies, adapting the curriculum, and providing guidance and counseling related to their vision impairment, and making sure they have access to their teachers, counselors and administration. The students will also have orientation and mobility instruction if needed, as well as have community experiences with peers. The students will also have opportunities in the expanded core curriculum for the blind, which includes daily living skills.
It is my goal to have your young adults develop self-sufficiency, have the ability to go on to college, to work in the workforce, and have much self-confidence.