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A.P. Psychology Summer Reading

Here are a number of readings that are important for understanding psychology.  If you would like to start the year off right, read these essays.  WE WILL NOT HAVE A TEST ON THESE READINGS.  If you read them, they are for your own enrichment, and I can assure you, they will help you in the coming year. 

Chapter 1 – Biology and Human Behavior:  “Are you a Natural?”

            Are You A Natural - Chapter 1 of 40 Studies

Chapter 2 – Perception and Consciousness: “To Sleep, No Doubt to Dream.”

            To Sleep, No Doubt to Dream - Chapter 2 of 40 Studies

Chapter 3 – Learning and Conditioning:“Little Emotional Albert.”  

Little Emotional Albert - Chapter 3 of 40 Studies

Chapter 4 – Intelligence, Cognition, and Memory: “What You Expect Is What You Get.”

            What You Expect is What You Get - Chapter 4 of 40 Studies

Chapter 5 – Human Development:  “Discovering Love.”

            Discovering Love - Chapter 5 of 40 Studies

Chapter 7 – Personality: “Are You The Master Of Your Fate?”

            Are you the Master of your Fate - Chapter 7 of 40 Studies

Chapter 8 – Psychopathology: “Learning to Be Depressed.”

Learning to be depressed -- Chapter 8 of 40 studies

Chapter 10 – Social Psychology:   "To Help or Not to Help"

To Help or not To Help - Chapter 10 of 40 Studies