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Class Rules

Mr. Stanley’s Classroom Rules 
The following are the rules that will be maintained during the school year so that all students will be able to reach their highest potential.
 -- Everyone in this class deserves respect - including the teacher - and should be treated that way. No put-downs will be acceptable. 
 -- Please be ready to participate, in your assigned seat, when the bell rings. (the school-wide tardy policy will be enforced.) 
-- Please have all materials necessary to participate in class everyday. These include: textbooks, notebook, and writing instrument. 
-- Please help to create and maintain a positive learning environment in this class. 
-- Please listen when a student or the teacher is speaking. Interrupting the teacher or another student is unacceptable. Raise your hand if you have something to say. 
-- Please stay in your assigned seat unless excused. 
-- Please use the time between classes to use the restroom, put on make-up, etc. 
-- Please have all assignments completed on time. Late work is one-half of your score on that assignment. NO MAKE UP WORK WILL BE GIVEN FOR TRUANCIES. 
-- It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and make up work if absent. One week is allowed for any make up work. 
 -- Please remove your hats and hoods when indoors. 
 -- Profanity will not be tolerated. 
-- NO CELL PHONES or ELECTRONIC DEVICES. Turn them off; put them away.  If your cell phone interrupts the class, it will be treated as a classroom disturbance. ________________________________________________________________________ Discipline step policy for failure to comply with rules: 
 First violation: parent contact 
 Second violation: parent contact – Teleparent 
 Third violation: parent contact – phone call 
 Fourth violation: parent contact, referral to counselor, and detention 
Fifth violation: parent contact, referral to vice-principal, and detention 
Sixth violation: parent contact, referral to vice-principal, and Saturday school 
Seventh violation: parent contact, referral to vice-principal, and one-day suspension Eighth violation: parent contact, referral to vice-principle, and two-day class suspension. ________________________________________________________________________ Grades will be earned on the following scale 
 100% - 90% = A 
 89% - 80% = B 
 79% - 70% = C 
 69% - 60% = D 
 59% - 0% = F

Approximately 70% of your grade will be from summative assignments and 30% will be from formative assignments.