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A.P. Psychology Course Guide

AP Psychology – 11th/12th Grade
Policies and Procedures

Mr. Stanley
Room 202
Bolsa Grande High School

Course Description:
The main purpose of this course is to prepare each student to pass the AP Psychology exam which will be given on Monday, May 6, 2013 after lunch. All concepts outlined in the Advanced Placement Psychology Course Description (see for more details) will be covered. The textbook for this class is Psychology, AP Edition, by Philip Zimbardo which is a textbook that is currently accepted under the current College Board/AP guidelines. It is important that each student make a commitment to stay current with the reading assignments. A tentative schedule is included with this syllabus.

Student Expectations:
1. Confidentiality – What is said in the room stays in the room.
2. Punctuality – Be in assigned seat ready to begin when the bell rings.
3. Responsibility – Bring all materials everyday and be prepared to participate in the lesson.
4. Respect – Treat everyone in the classroom, including the teacher, with respect and courtesy.

This is a college level course and students will be treated as such. With that said, should there be any problems with respect to behavior or performance, students will be handled according to the guidelines as set forth in the Bolsa Grande High School handbook. These guidelines will be used for instances of cheating, attendance/tardies, dress code, and behavior problems. For more information regarding these policies, please refer to the GGHS handbook.

Grading Policy:
Grades will be earned accordingly:

90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
60-69 = D
0-59 = F

70% of your grade will be determined from tests (summative)
30% of your grade will be determined from activities (formative)

Curriculum Guidelines:
1. This is a year long course. The semester grade is a percentage of the total points.
2. Grades are determined on a point basis. All assignments are given a point value and are weighted.  Tests will determine 70% of your grade and other assignments will form 30% of your grade.  All points     are added together to determine the grade.
3. Any student who, at progress report or report card time, has less than a 79% will receive the comment “In danger of failing.”
4. All assignments are due at the beginning of the period. Late work will not be accepted unless there was prior approval from the teacher.
5. All assignments are to be completed in blue or black ink; otherwise they will not be accepted. The exception to this is when there is a scan-tron test and a #2 pencil will be used.
6. In the case of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to check for missed work. Absence does not excuse late work and only work handed in on time will receive full credit. If it is known that there will be an absence the day an assignment is due, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure the assignment is handed in on time; otherwise, prior approval for late work must be arranged with the teacher. Due to the pace of this class, late work is due the day after the student returns or ASAP.
7. There will be an exam for every chapter and the review for those tests will be held the day before the test. All test dates will be given in advanced. If a student misses the review, they will still be held responsible for the test on the day of the test. Missed tests may be made up ONLY if the teacher is notified prior to the test. The student or the parent may notify the teacher via email or by leaving a message with the front office. Missed tests will not be given during any time the teacher has a class; they will be given either before or after school the day the student returns. If the student does not make up their test within the specified time frame, they will receive an “INC” or “0” for that test.
8. All students will be expected to take notes for each chapter and for any in class lectures. An example of the format for the notes will be given. Notes will be due the day of the chapter test and will then be returned for the student to use as review for the AP Exam.
9. Students will be expected to have a separate 3 ring-binder to keep all of their notes and materials in. This will be checked periodically.
10. Students are encouraged to purchase the AP Exam Test Prep Book by Barron’s. This book will be used in the spring during test prep session in conjunction with the textbook to help prepare the student for the AP Exam. The cost of the book is as little as $12 and is available in most bookstores and online at
11. Every student will be highly encouraged to take the AP Exam in May. The AP exam is designed to show what the students have learned in the year. By taking the AP exam and passing it with a 3 or better, the student has the opportunity to get college credit for this class. Psychology is a requirement for general education credits in college so, by taking the exam, the student has the opportunity to earn credit while still in high school. The cost of the AP Exam is approximately $80. If there should be a problem or concerns about whether or not a student can afford the cost of the test, please see a counselor.
12. The AP Exam includes 100 multiple choice questions, which accounts for 66% of the score, and 2 free-response questions, which accounts for 33% of the score. The multiple choice exam must be completed in 70 minutes and the free-response questions must be completed in 50 minutes.

Class Schedule:
• Being that this is a high-school environment, there are instances where shortened periods, scheduled interruptions, etc, mean that there could be an alteration in the schedule. While all attempts will be made to “stick” to this schedule, it should be noted that this is a “tentative” schedule. With that said, all chapters and materials that are relevant to the AP Exam will be covered before the exam is administered in May.

• This schedule is to show which chapters will be covered and when: activities, assignments, projects, etc. will be left up to the student to record in their planner as they are assigned by the teacher. Review and test dates are only to be used as approximations. Students will verbally be notified by the teacher of the exact test date.

• All chapters will be covered in approximately a 2 week period, ending with the chapter test.

• Review for the AP Exam will begin approximately 2-3 weeks before the exam date. Review includes but is not limited to: Released exams from prior AP Exams, teacher-made exams from the AP Psychology workbook that accompanies the textbook, and review of chapter notes that were taken throughout the year. There will also be approximately two 21/2 hour weekend review sessions where the AP Test Prep Book by Barron’s will be used. Dates and time of these review session are TBD at a later date.
* this is a tentative schedule of dates.
Quarter 1:
9/3-9/11: Chapter 1 – Introduction and History of Psychology
9/10: Review for Chapter 1 test
9/11: Chapter 1 Test

9/12-9/24: Chapter 2 – Research Methods
9/23: Review for Chapter 2 test
9/24: Chapter 2 Test

9/25-10/10: Chapter 3 – Biopsychology and the Foundations of Neuroscience
10/9: Review for Chapter 3 test
10/10: Chapter 3 Test

10/11-10/23: Chapter 4 – Sensation and Perception
10/22: Review for Chapter 4 test
10/23: Chapter 4 Test

Quarter 2: (Note: Veteran’s Day Holiday is on Monday, November 12)
10/24-11/4: Chapter 5 – States of Consciousness
11/1: Review for Chapter 5 test
11/4: Chapter 5 test

11/5-11/8: Chapter 6 – Learning
11/15: Review for Chapter 6 test
11/18: Chapter 6 Test
Thanksgiving Holiday: 11/23-12/1

12/9 -1/8: Chapter 7 – Cognition
1/7: Review for Chapter 7 test
1/8: Chapter 7 Test

Christmas Break:  12/21 - 1/5/2014

1/9 - 1/21: Chapter 8 – Emotion and Motivation
1/20: Review for Chapter 8 test
1/21: Chapter 8 Test

1/22 - 1/29: Chapter 9 – Psychological Development
1/28: Review for chapter 9 test
1/29: Chapter 9 Test

Quarter 3:
2/3 - 2/12: Chapter 10 – Personality
2/11: Review for Chapter 10
2/12: Chapter 10 Test

2/13 - 2/24: Chapter 11 – Testing and Individual Differences
2/21: Review for Chapter 11 test
2/24: Chapter 11 Test

2/25 - 3/10: Chapter 12 – Psychological Disorders
3/7: Review for Chapter 12 test
3/10: Chapter 12 Test

3/11 - 3/19: Chapter 13 – Therapies for Psychological Disorders
3/18: Review for Chapter 13 test
3/19: Chapter 13 Test

3/25-4/10: Chapter 14 – Social Psychology
4/9: Review for Chapter 14 test
4/10: Chapter 14 test

Spring Break – 4/12-4/20

*Review for the AP Test will be from 4/15-5/3. Each chapter will be covered and practice tests and essays will be given.

4th Quarter activities will be given that relate to all subjects discussed – TBD.