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Graphic Design - ADV

A college class (student receives college credit, if passes with an A or B) that is a continuation of more graphic design techniques using Adobe CC suite software. Students are assigned real-world community and administration projects; such as,
  • the school planner cover,
  • t-shirt designs (from school band to Superintendent's Mentees),
  • class brochures,
  • basketball programs,
  • advertisements (Choir to Drama),
  • bell schedule poster (hardcopy and online),
  • community projects,
  • restaurant logos,
  • district competitions - Community Dinner Program Cover winner (an annual event for community leaders that are attended by the school board, superintendent, district administration, etc.)
  • and much, much more ...
** Note: Assignments and Homework/ Fun-work are subject to change.

Fun LINKS --
BOLSA's COLORS for planning any school projects,  a good source(s):
Ai & PS tutorials:
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