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WORK PERMITS - See Directions Below



Need to Obtain a Work Permit?

A work permit is a legal document required by the State of California, allowing a minor (less than 18 years of age), to have a job. You may get a work permit from the Bolsa Grande High School Administration Office.


Steps to obtaining a work permit:

  • Download the REQUEST FOR A WORK PERMIT FORM. Fill out the personal information at the top of the form, have the employer fill out the information required in the middle portion, and have one parent/legal guardian sign/date the bottom portion of the form.
  • WHEN SCHOOL IS IN SESSION*, return the completed Request for a Work Permit via email to Mrs. Naadiya ([email protected]) in the Bolsa Grande High School Front Office, where the work permit will be processed. *NOTE: When school is not in session, please reach out to the main office at 714-663-6424.
  • Receive and take the completed Official Work Permit (processed within 24 hours) back to your employer.


For current and/or further information on obtaining a work permit, please call the Bolsa Office (714) 663-6424.



AT WHAT AGE CAN I GET A WORK PERMIT? Minors ages 12 through 17 are required to get work permits before starting a job. A minor under the age of 12 cannot receive a work permit except in the entertainment industry. There are a few exceptions to these rules. No work permit is required for the following jobs: (1) certain agricultural industry jobs, (2) odd jobs in private homes such as gardening and babysitting, (3) newspaper delivery jobs, and (4) self-employment.  


DOES A WORK PERMIT REQUIRE SCHOOL ATTENDANCE? Minors under 18 years old must attend school to get a work permit. If a student graduates from high school before age 18, he or she no longer needs a work permit. If a student passes the high school proficiency exam or the G.E.D. before 18 years old, he or she no longer needs a work permit. Minors under 18 years of age who have dropped out of school must be enrolled in continuation or adult school classes for at least four hours per week before getting a work permit. Emancipated minors must attend school in order to get a work permit. They are still required to get a work permit before being employed but may obtain the work permit without parent consent and signature.  


CAN A WORK PERMIT BE TAKEN AWAY? Yes, the work permit can be cancelled and taken away at any time by a high school administrator. In addition, a work permit can be cancelled at a parent’s request, with good reason. Good reasons for canceling a work permit include: job does not fit legal requirements, hours scheduled create a truancy or absentee problem for the students, or job is causing student to fail classes at school.  


WHEN DOES A WORK PERMIT EXPIRE? A minor must obtain a work permit for each job. A work permit is no longer valid (or expires) when a minor quits or leaves a job. A new work permit application must be filled out for each new job. In addition, all work permits in the state of California expire five days after the opening of school in the fall. This is to ensure that all minors report to school in the fall before continuing to work after summer vacation. Therefore, if a minor obtained a job and work permit in June and still had that same job in September, the work permit would expire. The minor would have to obtain a new work permit for the new school year even though it was for the same continuing job.  


WHAT IS THE GPA REQUIREMENT? Generally, a 2.0 GPA is required to have a permit issued during the school year. There are exceptions to this, determined by a school administrator. For summer employment, the GPA requirement is not enforced, but it will be, come the fall… so keep your grades up!


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If you have any further questions, please see/contact the Front Office at Bolsa Grande High School (714) 663-6424.