English 1H

I encourage parents to utilize the parent portal to monitor grades.
Mrs. Tran
English 1H Class Information &  Expectations 
*English 1H is an advanced course that moves at a fast pace and requires a high work ethic to succeed in the class. Please acknowledge that those that can not maintain proficiency will be moved to English 1P. 
As a college preparatory course, students are expected to assume responsibility for being:

1. Respectful to themselves and everyone around them.
2. ON time.
3. Prepared for each class, completing all reading and assignments.
4. Participate and cooperate fully in-class activities.
5. NO gum, NO tech. devices unless permitted by the teacher
6. Digital Citizenship should be followed at all times
7. Follow all school rules.

Consequences 1. Student/Teacher conference 2. Detention/Parent contact 3. Referral to the office.

*NOTE: Dependent on the severity of the misconduct, consequential actions can and will align with the misdeed.

*Chromebooks are provided to students for daily use provided the student follows digital citizenship (see details that will be sent home for your review and signature/attach below).

Recommend: a 3 Punch Folder (see attached picture for details) and a 3 hole puncher.        

Course Description English Language Arts (ELA) are about how we understand and connect with ourselves, others, and our world through language. The goals of this course are to:

• Broaden students knowledge and comprehension of contemporary literature and non-fiction materials
• Develop student understanding and value of the process of composition
• Develop student language and presentation skills
• Develop student critical thinking and analytic skills
• Ensure that each student’s learning needs are met while preparing students to excel at the college level.
•Develop skills from the Common Core Standards

The course will emphasize comprehension and composition of expository, persuasive, and analytical materials using classic and contemporary literature.

Grades: Grading for this course is based on a standard scale:
A: 90% and above
B: 80% and above
C: 70% and above
D: 60% and above
F: below 60%

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at dtran6@ggusd.us