*NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED                 * NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED                  
I encourage parents to utilize the parent portal to monitor grades.
Mrs. Tran-ERWC Class Information &  Expectations

                                NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED!!      NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED!!  

Students are expected to assume responsibility for the class expectations below:

1. Respectful to themselves and everyone around them.
2. ON time.
3. Prepared for each class by completing all readings and assignments.
4. Participate and cooperate fully in-class activities.
5. NO gum, NO tech. devices unless permitted by the teacher
6. Digital Citizenship should be followed at all times
7. Follow all school rules.

Consequences 1. Student/Teacher conference 2. Detention/Parent contact 3. Referral to the office.

*NOTE: Dependent on the severity of the misconduct, consequential actions can and will align with the misdeed.

*Chromebooks are provided to students for daily use provided the student follows digital citizenship (see details that will be sent home for your review and signature/attached below).

Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) is a college preparatory course aligned with the CSUs, about how we understand and connect with ourselves, others, and our world through language.

In order to succeed in ERWC, participation is a must. You will be involved with class discussion, peer review, and group work. Staying active in the classroom environment will lead to a greater understanding. Since we will be collaborating as a class, the expectation is to be courteous and respectful at all times.

By taking this course, the student will benefit from the opportunity if he or she placed “Conditionally Ready” on the EAP Exam and receives a letter grade of a C or higher for each semester. The student will not have to take the English placement exam for any of the California State Universities.

BGHS created Senior College Focus, a program that guides Bolsa Grande High School Seniors through the year-long process of applying to and getting accepted by 4-year colleges (i.e. expectations, commitment, college application support, tracking, and program review components). In 2014, 96% of program eligible seniors had applied with 77% accepted to a four-year college compared to the data from 2009, 38% of students at BGHS were eligible to attend a four-year college.

Through the efforts of teachers and staff that participate in the Senior College Focus Program, we are proud to announce, Bolsa Grande High School (BGHS) is the recipient of the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award. In addition, the California Department of Education awarded BGHS the "Golden Bell Award". 250 applications were submitted and we won highlighting the unique, Senior Focus program here on campus.

My goal is to help each student to achieve their dream of attending a 4-year college next year!

Grades: Grading for this course is based on a standard scale:
A: 90% and above B: 80% and above C: 70% and above D: 60% and above F: below 60%

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at