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PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports)

February 2017:
"Patience" Graphic Organizer by Ms. T. Tran
10-31-16 Video: Cyberspace
10/24/16 Video
Video for 12/5/16:  TARDIES

 Ms. T. Tran's Template on Google Docs:  File>Make A Copy (in your drive)!

  • What are the positives of being on time to class?
  • What negative outcomes may occur when one is consistently tardy to class?
  • What are the real life outcomes of being late?  How could tardiness affect other students/teachers, college classes, employment, and other matters? 
  • What different strategies can you use to make sure you arrive on time?

PBIS Drawing Winners!
Week of 10/3/16:
Manuel Martinez
Kristy Nguyen
Manuel Garcia
Jimmy Pham
Aaron Ramirez
Week of 9/19/16: 

Josh Garcia

Nancy Hernandez

Izbeth Antunez

Minh Bui

James Alapati

Monthly Drawing Winners September 29th:
1 Arredondo Anthony
2 Zamora Jose
3 Tran Joe
4 Rodriguez Ivan
5 Ramirez Giovanni
6 Huynh Johnny
7 Ngo Kendrick
8 Martinez Danny
9 Nguyen Maggie
10 Young James
11 Ocampo Adrian
12 Khuu Lynn
13 Onofre Jasmine
14 Villareal Merlin
15 Guardado Samuel
16 Tong Vivian
17 Tsan Steven
18 Ramos Luis
19 Vu Jessica
20 Taylor Patric