PBIS would like to recognize these students as socially responsible, determined and academically involved citizens of the Bolsa community. These Bolsa students have consistently demonstrated the actions and characteristics of an exemplary Matador. Read what their teachers had to say about them in the full article. 


2019-2020 Model Matadors 


Model Matadors  

Brandy Nguyen 12th,  Diana Vu 11th, Veronica Arredondo, 10th, Vincent Ya 9th

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2018-2019 Model Matadors  
Jacob Cervantes, Victor Hoang, Trieu Nguyen,            Jaime Nguyen
Read Full Article Here: Model Matador Article
Model Matadors  
Mychaella Sieve, Tiffany Pham, Samantha Cervantes, Michael Carr

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PBIS VIDEOS 2019-2020


The PBIS theme for the month is confidence. This month’s message for our students is an important one, as many struggle with feeling capable in many ways throughout each day.




The PBIS theme for the month is kindness.  Monday’s video reminds us all how being generous, friendly or considerate throughout our day can help to make BGHS a better place and a stronger community.  While 5 suggestions are given, there are so many ways to show kindness to others.  On Monday and throughout this month, let’s encourage each other to be more intentionally kind throughout the day.  

Goal Setting

This video will highlight the importance of setting both short and long term goals.  As we begin a new year and at the same time close out semester one, it is an ideal time for our students to focus on goal setting. The transition back to schoolwork provides us an opportunity to support our students in establishing some concrete measurable goals.  This video will give them guidance on how to do this.

Responsible Social Media

Matadors, did you know that when you post something online, it remains on the internet FOREVER? Though the internet and social media can be a dangerous realm, there are ways to use the internet and online apps responsibly, such as posting with a clear and rational mind and posting only for positive purposes, like giving gratitude and praising others. Find out why it is so important to be #mediafriendlymatadors as you listen to and watch the PBIS video and to further understand that communication reaches far and wide and lasts forever, even if it is sent to a  small trusted group and intended to last a brief time.


Matadors, have you ever found yourself rushing to get something done?  Have you ever become irritated because you got tired of waiting?  Well, today is your lucky day because we have a solution for you:  PATIENCE.  That’s right.  With patience comes rewards, a new perspective of what is around you, and potentially even the start of new friendships.  So what exactly does patience look like and how can you practice patience?   



Monday will be our most recent installment of the PBIS video highlighting “Generosity” This video will focus on ways our students can demonstrate a generous spirit without spending money.  The message is a valuable one as we head into the holiday season and the financial stresses that it can bring.

PBIS VIDEOS 2018 -2019


This video will focus on students showing gratitude to others and recognizing the things in their life for which they are grateful.  Students are encouraged to show gratitude to others with their words and actions, and practice self-reflection with a gratitude journal.


This video will focus on Inclusiveness. Throughout the month, ASB will be encouraging our students to post pictures that depict ways in which they help to make Bolsa an inclusive community, where there is “something for everyone” #embracingmatadors



This video will focus on Integrity. As always, our ASB will be following up throughout the month through the announcements. As we transition back to school and finishing up the semester, today seems an ideal time to remind our scholars of the importance of leading with integrity.        

This video will focus on an important message for us ALL about self-care.  BGHS is a campus that hums with activity day and night. While this demonstrates engagement and connection, it also indicates long hours of work. This PBIS message of self-care is an important reminder to all to manage some of the personal challenges that come with leading such busy lives. #thefaultinourHALT is this month's hashtag.

Digital Citizenship

This video will focus on the very important issue of digital citizenship.  This month our students will have many opportunities to use the PBIS digital citizenship hashtag of #bolsanetiquette.  Our ASB will be encouraging them to do this throughout the month.


Seeking Solutions

This video will focus on "seeking solutions"  Thank you all for your support in sending this message to our students and providing them insight into what to consider when seeking solutions to both the small and large decisions in their lives.


PBIS Year in Review

 As in the past, students will be reminded of the important messages provided to them each month throughout the year.  In particular, those skills that they can rely on throughout the summer when they have much less structure to their day and social time is likely at its maximum will be highlighted.