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Vision, Mission, & Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

GGUSD’s Shared Vision: We are committed to preparing all students to be successful and responsible citizens who contribute and thrive in a diverse society.


GGUSD’s Shared Mission: To ensure student success, we will provide a rigorous and supportive academic experience that motivates all learners to meet high expectations.



School-wide Learner Outcomes (What all Bolsa Grande High School students are expected to know or be able to do upon graduation)

 Academically Proficient

• Develop the ability and confidence to learn independently

• Read and comprehend informational, functional, and literary texts.

Socially & Personally Responsible

• Demonstrate respect and accountability as a member of the school community.

• Identify and evaluate appropriate life paths and career choices.

• Understand the benefits of being physically fit.

Skilled Communicators

• Listen and comprehend information, take notes, and report accurately what was presented.

• Speak with confidence within a group and to an audience.

• Write logically developed and mechanically proficient reports, letters, essays, and narratives.

Technologically competent

• Use a computer and other appropriate technology to communicate electronically and present information via documents, graphs, and charts.

Critical thinkers

 • Analyze problems, and produce and evaluate viable solutions.