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New this year!
We are trying something new! While the library is under construction,  Matadors will still have access to a constant stream of online books, audiobooks, and graphic novels by clicking the button above. This is a temporary trial - let us know if you like it! 
Here's how it works!!
  • The JLG Digital online reading platform is similar to Netflix for books! 
  • These are all online: traditional books, audiobooks, graphic novels, and more
  • Book and Audiobook election will change monthly - there is always something new
  • Matadors can ALL read the same book at the same time - no limits!
  • Read or listen to books from any device - phone, Chromebook, etc
Using the JLG Digital App
The same login works if you download the JLG Digital App to your phone.
Tips for Audiobooks
  • Audiobooks are designated with a headphone icon on the lower right corner of the book cover; ebooks are designated with a tablet icon on the lower right corner.
  • If an audiobook fails to play, check your browser. Audiobooks will not play in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
Teacher Tips!  
Built-in tools for classroom success: 
    • Push books straight to Google Classroom 
    • Use bookmarks, highlighting tools, interactive indexes
    • Multi-use license.  Can assign reading circles or assign the entire class the same book - no limits
    • Read on any device