Women's League Home Page

Women’s League is an organization that represents Bolsa Grande High School. Our purpose is to further develop unity and leadership amongst the female population of Bolsa Grande, to promote an organization in which female students may feel free to express their desires and ideals through cooperative activities and shared responsibilities and to provide service to our school as well as the community. These activities will, in turn, further the spirit of solidarity and loyalty for the best interests of the school, the community, and members.
Winter Formal is an annual school-wide dance that Women's League is in charge of planning. Our goal with Winter Formal is to exceed everyone's expectations and ensure that everyone attending creates new and amazing memories. Women's League puts a lot of time, effort, and dedication into planning Winter Formal, discussing everything from the venue and theme name to decorations and ways to promote the dance. In order to have a successful dance, everyone in Women's League demonstrates consistent dedication to the club, taking time out of their weekdays and weekends.
To create strong bonds within the women in Women's League, four socials are hosted each term. Socials are a great way for members to get to know one another and creating long-lasting friendships. Two socials are hosted during summer vacation to celebrate the hard work completed in the previous school year and anticipate the school year to come. During the holidays, Women's League members spend a day together to exchange gifts, socialize, and unwind. Aside from this social, Women's League also shares a yearly social with Bolsa Grande Men's League. Towards the end of the school year, Women's League may also host an Alumni Luncheon, which allows for previous Women's League members to interact with current members. This is an amazing opportunity for women to offer advice about life outside of high school.