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Library Hours:  Coming Soon!



Library Contact: 

Books Circulate for 3 Weeks.  Renewals are available. 


  • Log into your account to print
  • Open your document
  • Choose the BGHS Library Printer 
  • Printing is being monitored by Print Manager this year.  It is tied to your account, so it will go directly to the printer (not like last year).  Make sure to pick up your printouts. Log off when you are finished.
  • The Library Printer does NOT have a duplexer, so back-to-back prints are not available.  
  • The Library does NOT have a color printer.  
  • If you need help printing or the printer runs out of paper, see Library Staff.
  • When printing from, download the document and then press print.  
  • Make sure to download the document entirely (to the desktop, your folder, downloads, etc.) before printing.  


Library Tips:

  • Log in to the computers with your prefix (ex: 17kwilliams).  NOT your full GGUSD.NET email.  Password is your password or your birthdate in 8 digits.
  • Food is only to be eaten in Northwest corner ("Food Zone" area) of the library.  If food is left behind or Mrs. Slim has to clean up your mess, food privileges will be suspended for all students.  
  • When leaving the library, clean up, push in chairs and log off any computers.  
  • Print to the 80 Printer (BGHS Library).  
  • Computers log in slowly, so be prepared to wait 5-10 minutes for printers to log in.  


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