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Michael Bancroft 1974 Mn USA
Jerry Bandy 1965
Lisa Bang 2016 Garden Grove California United States
Emily Barba Barba 2016 Garden Grove California United States
Jon Barnes 1991
Jonathan Barragan Barragan 2016 Garden Grove California United States
Paulina Barrera 2015 Garden Grove CA USA
James Barrett III 1960 Canton TX USA
Barbara Basham
james baughman 1981 FULLERTON CA USA
Richard Baxter 1977 Eagle Point OR United States
Erick Beck 1989
Ana Beltran Beltran 2017 Westminster California United States
Call Bennett 1983
rosa bermudez 2017
Michael Bernston 1962 Riverside California US
Sobia Billoo Billoo 1997 Garden Grove CA USA
Jim Bisset 1967 Placentia Ca. usa
Phil Bisson 1968
Sandie Bloecher 1967 Orange California
Fredrick Blount 1993 Stanton California United States
Richard Bohnhoff 1970 Cape Carteret North Carolina
Ralph Bolanos 2016 Garden Grove California USA
Linda Bothne Bothne 1975 CA USA
Mark Boucher 1977 Fort Mill SC
Anthony Branson 2005
Manny Bravo 2017 Santa Ana California United States of America
Mindi Brawner Shippam 1979 San Juan Capistrano CA USA
Melinda (Mindi) Brawner Shippam 1979 San Juan Capistrano California USA
Nina Brazelton 1996 ret.
Janice Breuklander Ries 1965 Palm Desert Ca USA
Marlene Bridges Lemons 1965 Laguna Niguel California United States
Pauline Britania 2016 Garden Grove CA
Isabel Brito 2016 Garden Grove CA United State
Roger Brooks 1979 Lebanon Maine USA
Deanna Brown Seibert 1986 Riverside CA
Maria Brunetti Dantino 1989 29 Palms CA
Brian Bui 1997 GARDEN GROVE California
Anh Bui 2016
Anh Bui 2016 Garden Grove CA United States
Van Khanh Bui 1997 Los Angeles CA USA
Linh Burchell Vo Thuy Thuy Linh 1994 Fountain Valley Ca USA
Dietmar Cadena 2016 Garden Grove California United States
Mauro Campos 1983 Fayetteville Arkansas USA
Jose Canada Canada 2017 garden grove California United States
Marina Canales Canales 2015 Santa Ana California California
Christina Cano Minetto 1993 CA
Abigail Cantoran 2016 Garden Grove CA
Jose Cantoran 2017 Santa Ana CA United States
Richard Cantu 1974 Corona, ca Cal Usa
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