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Bolsa Grande Recognized for Environmental Conservation

Garden Grove School celebrates its ‘outdoor laboratory’: water-efficient landscaping as
educational as it is scenic
By Susan Christian Goulding | | Orange County Register
PUBLISHED: October 23, 2018 at 4:44 pm | UPDATED: October 23, 2018 at 4:45 pm
Laying eyes on the tranquil garden that stretches between two corridors at Bolsa Grande High, the first question that comes to mind might be: How can I make my yard look like this?
Where once was only trampled grass, some 1,400 graceful yet hardy plants now flaunt their understated beauty. A dry, pebble-bottomed creek harbors its own array of grasses and flora.


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Silver Bells! Featured Photo

Silver Bells!

The Concert Choir brought holiday joy to over a thousand people with their performance on Saturday, December 1st, for the Garden Grove Christmas Tree Lighting Event. Great job, Matadors!
Michael Carr - PBIS Model Matador! Featured Photo

Michael Carr - PBIS Model Matador!

Michael is a member of the Band whom Mr. Miller describes as always being eager to be a part of the school’s band. He appreciates that Michael is always willing to help others and try new things. He's worked hard during marching band season to help our band get better, including learning a new instrument. Michael’s willingness to try new things translates to his plan to become a student athlete as well here at Bolsa. He cites his father as the person in his life that has influenced him the most. To Michael, Matador pride is simply rules in life to live by. He appreciates being selected as a Model Matador because it means that he was noticed for doing something positive without even knowing that he was doing something to make himself stand out as a role model.
Tiffany Pham - PBIS Model Matador! Featured Photo

Tiffany Pham - PBIS Model Matador!

Tiffany Pham is a member of the school’s AVID program. She is recognized for her consistent positive attitude in everything she does. For Tiffany, Matador Pride is a pride in representing Bolsa Grande’s core beliefs and taking part in activities that are an integral part of the school community. Tiffany has been influenced by her mother whose hard work and ability to support her family set an outstanding example for her.  Her  encouragement to build a better lifer for herself motivates Tiffany every day. As a model matador, Tiffany states she will always try to be a role model for the Bolsa community.