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Student Dance Policy



Each student is required to have in their possession at all times while on campus or at a school event a valid student ID card. You must show your ID card in order to attend athletic events, dances, and other school activities. Failure to have the card will result in disciplinary action.

Students without a first or sixth period must have a “Period Release” sticker on their ID card. Stickers will be issued through the attendance office. Only students with an off campus sticker will be allowed to leave campus during lunch.


  1. Current Bolsa Grande student ID cards are required for admittance to all dances.
  2. All high school dances are closed dances.
  3. If a student wishes to bring a guest, he/she must obtain approval from an administrator AND have a current ASB sticker. Guest pass applications can be obtained when you purchase your ticket, and must be returned to the main office prior to the dance.
  4. All student conduct regulations are in effect at school sponsored dances.
  5. No student shall re-enter the dance after leaving.
  6. Student attending school dances must pre-arrange for transportation with 15 minutes after the dance ending. Otherwise they will not be permitted to attend the next dance.
  7. Students who owe fines, detentions, or Saturday School may not be allowed to attend the dance.


Students wishing to attend certain school dances and other specified activities must be in good standing. Good standing means that ALL fines are paid and all detentions and Saturday Schools have been served. If a student is removed from a school activity for disciplinary reasons, the student may also jeopardize their good standing and may be restricted from attending a future activity or activities.