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Dress Code Policy


The Board of Education expects students enrolled in district schools to dress in a manner conducive to study and educational advancement. Personal grooming and dress should be neat, clean, and appropriate for the demands of the activities in which the student is participating.

Grooming and dress should cause neither actual distraction nor disturbance to a school activity and should not create either a health or a safety hazard.

Footwear shall be worn at all times and correspond with the demands of the activities in which the student participates. Apparel or accessories shall not contain any obscene or offensive logos, graphics, or hand-written wording depicting drugs, illicit substances, alcoholic beverages, sexually suggestive topics/or be deemed gang related.

Below are some guidelines that will help in selecting clothes for school which are appropriate and do not distract from the learning environment at Bolsa Grande:

  1. Sleeveless shirts are appropriate to wear as long as they hide all undergarments and completely cover the torso.
  2. Tube tops are not acceptable for school wear.
  3. White tank tops designed as underwear are not acceptable for school wear unless a shirt is worn over them.
  4. Skirts and shorts must be at an appropriate length.
  5. Any clothing or headgear that conceals identity of the student is not allowed.

Students who do wear unacceptable clothing will be asked to change. Students may be temporarily provided with appropriate clothing in the attendance office. A violation of the dress code could result in detention or Saturday school (see Discipline Statement # 18).