Principal's Message

Dear Matadors,

Welcome to Bolsa Grande High School, home of the Matador’s! It is my pleasure and extreme fortune to be part of the Bolsa Grande “family” with its outstanding students, parents and staff. I am proud of the numerous and varied accomplishments of our students and staff. The hard-working, spirited, creative, and progressive attitude of the Matador students epitomizes what other high school students strive to be. Our talented teaching staff continually demonstrates a commitment to educate our students and prepare them for the 21st century. Together, let us look forward as we celebrate our successes and preserve our Matador traditions while selectively integrating the new ideas of today’s youth.

Every student entering Bolsa Grande High School comes with an expectation of being successful while preparing for the next link in the educational chain. The diligence, patience, tolerance, and dedication embraced by all past Matadors will guide you to successes and a realized goal. There will be many steps marking your journey, including – planning your course of study, managing your time and learning to study actively, not passively.

It is my hope that by working together, we can make our school the perfect place for a positive education. Stay involved, attend school regularly, and actively participate in your education. Grab all opportunities available to you, realize your goals and aspirations, and have a tremendous school year.

Best Wishes and Go Matadors,

Mrs. Milner, Principal