Principal's Message

Dear Matadors,

Welcome to Bolsa Grande High School, home of the Matador’s! It is my pleasure and extreme fortune to be part of the Bolsa Grande “family” with its outstanding students, parents and staff. I am proud of the numerous and varied accomplishments of our students and staff. The hard-working, spirited, creative, and progressive attitude of the Matador students epitomizes what other high school students strive to be. Our talented teaching staff continually demonstrates a commitment to educate our students and prepare them for the 21st century. Together, let us look forward as we celebrate our successes and preserve our Matador traditions while selectively integrating the new ideas of today’s youth.

Every student entering Bolsa Grande High School comes with an expectation of being successful while preparing for the next link in the educational chain. The diligence, patience, tolerance, and dedication embraced by all past Matadors will guide you to successes and a realized goal. There will be many steps marking your journey, including – planning your course of study, managing your time and learning to study actively, not passively.

It is my hope that by working together, we can make our school the perfect place for a positive education. Stay involved, attend school regularly, and actively participate in your education. Grab all opportunities available to you, realize your goals and aspirations, and have a tremendous school year.

Best Wishes and Go Matadors,

Mrs. Milner, Principal

California Gold Ribbon School -2015                           


From the CDE: California GR Schools Award - A program which honors some of California's outstanding public schools. Schools that are selected demonstrate exemplary achievements in implementing state standards in priority areas. California schools that made tremendous gains in implementing SBE policies and their Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) were invited to apply for the California GR Schools Award

Bolsa Grande was awarded the prestigious California Gold Ribbon School Award in 2015. One significant factor leading to the recognition was the creation of a model program tied to the district LCAP. It is through the success of this model program, Senior College Focus, which includes the elements of tracking, support, and accountability that has led it to be expanded to the other high schools in the district. This expansion was initiated by our district level counseling team and specific elements of the program were replicated across the district.  

Knowing that preparations for higher education must begin before the senior year, the Senior College Focus program encompasses more than just the steps to apply and be accepted to college: in fact, it actually begins for those attending BGHS in their freshman year.  Counselors and administrators perform transcript audits as the first step to college, looking at overall placement to confirm appropriately rigorous schedules, therefore enabling students to meet the conditions for college admission. Ensuring that students are placed in appropriately challenging classes results in a reduction of the D-F rate without compromising academic rigor, simultaneously increasing BGHS’s A-G rate.  Additionally, the school-wide D-F rate was reduced 6% to 13.7% from the inception of the program two years earlier and now sits 4% below the district average D-F rate, thereby increasing the number of college eligible seniors.