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College and Career Guidance Units

Freshman College/Career Units: (December)
Students will learn about graduation and college requirements to plan their high school courses for the next 4 years. Students will complete a career interest assessment and explore potential careers to create a long-term educational plan.
Sophomore College/Career Units: (September & January)
Students will take the multiple intelligences assessment and use the results to consider new careers. Students will conduct college and career searches and connect their aspirations to their current academic progress. Students will link PSAT results to Khan Academy.
Junior College/Career Units: (November)
Students explore postsecondary options and examine how college fits into their future. Students will begin finalizing their college application list.
Senior College/Career Units: (October-November)
Planning for CCC Bound and 4-Year Bound Students-students will become familiar with and review logistics and tasks to complete before transitioning to college. Students will launch college and financial aid applications using California