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Mindfulness Late Start Wednesdays

Would you like to find ways to help deal with stress and the demands of every day life? If so, join us in the library on any Late Start Wednesday to practice Mindfulness. Find healthy coping strategies for life.
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Ringing in the Lunar New Year!

Our VSA members continue to bring joy to all! According to the GGUSD February eNewsletter, "GGUSD is celebrating the Lunar New Year across the district, with the celebration kicking off during our Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, February 5. Lion dancers from Bolsa Grande High School performed for the Board of Trustees, district staff, and guests. Cook Elementary School also celebrated the Lunar New Year earlier this week. Students, guests, district staff, and GGUSD Board of Education Vice President Teri Rocco enjoyed performances from Bolsa Grande High School students. #GGUSDPride #ChooseGGUSD" - CLICK TO READ THE GGUSD NEWSLETTER AND VIEW THE PHOTO ALBUMS!----------------------------->
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Friday Night Live Monthly Article: Suicide Prevention

Suicide: the intentional ending of one’s life, the second leading cause of death among 15 to 29-year-olds, a global phenomenon. Every life is precious, and when an individual is so overcome with feelings of hopelessness, anxiousness, or depression, even life may look bleak. Suicide is a major concern in our society, and it is especially so with teenagers. According to the American SPCC, more teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, combined. Everyday there is an average of 5,400 suicide attempts by young people in grades 7 to 12. Every suicide is different, but if we can understand the signs, then we can prevent it.
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Our Matadors have Character!

Congratulations to Coach Nikole Terflinger and Selena Guerrero, who were recently honored at the GGUSD Board Meeting as Bolsa Grande High School's Coach and Athlete of Character. Athletic Director Scott Snyder was honored to give the award to Terflinger, saying in part: “Coach Terflinger has demonstrated the individual character traits of trustworthiness, fairness, and caring which have set her apart from her peers and led to her being honored tonight. Nikole has shown to be consistent in her words and in her actions when dealing with athletes and other coaches. She has demonstrated, time and time again, the honesty and sincerity with which she handles herself as both a teacher and a coach, and her level of loyalty to her school, her sport, and her players are off the charts.”

Additionally, Coach Terflinger had high praise for senior varsity player Guerrero:
“Selena will leave great big shoes to fill on my field as well as on the campus of Bolsa Grande. She not only is a great softball player and leader, but she exudes the characteristics of a leader, acts with integrity, is selfless, and is hardworking. Any person that comes in contact with her will be a better person for it.” Congratulations to both deserving Matadors!
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Congrats, Tim Martinez - GGUSD Supervisor of the Year!

Last Saturday evening in a beautiful ceremony, Tim Martinez was named Supervisor of the Year for the entire GGUSD! This is truly a big honor and one that is well deserved by Tim! It is not easy being a Plant Supervisor for a Stadium School, let alone during years of modernization. Tim has worked diligently across our campus to ensure we can all do our jobs and have the facility to make that possible! Congratulations, Tim! Thank you for all that you do!
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Learning at the Laguna Beach Tide Pools!

Many thanks to Mr. Johnson’s wonderful AP Environmental Science students, who recently spent a winter beach day learning and working to protect the tide pools at a local State Marine Conservation Area.

On December 20th, our hardworking and dedicated Matadors headed south for an educational field trip to Laguna Beach’s famed Heisler Park and tide pools. Here, students participated in the Coastkeeper’s educational program and dedicated a day to learn about Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the ecology of our coastline. Students also provide marine protection and conservationism during a beach and tide pool clean-up. These pools, which are vital and delicate ecosystems, benefit greatly from the conservation work, and as always, our kids are ready and willing to jump in and do their part to keep our waterways beautiful
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The 2019 Career Fair is almost here!

Save the date for February 13 and don't miss representatives from various colleges, as well as trade and technical schools, who will be on hand to share information about their programs and answer any questions GGUSD parents and students may have. There will also be an opportunity for parents and students to participate in interactive activities as well as meet with current teachers and students from various GGUSD career and technical education courses who will display various career pathway projects.

More information will be released soon.
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Night of the Living Dead

The Bolsa Grande High School Drama Department presented Night of the Living Dead. Congratulations to the amazing Drama Cast and Crew for a thrilling and terrifying production! The audience had up close and personal encounters with our student and teacher Matador Zombies!
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Athletes of the Month!

Congratulations to this month's chosen athletes - we are proud of you!
From left-right (My-Thuan Ha-Hoang, Girls Tennis; Destiny Jimenez, Girls Volleyball; Jerome Green, Football; Alberto Ponce, Boys Cross Country; Emily Ramirez, Girls Cross Country) Missing: Allen Nguyen, Boys Water Polo
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Silver Bells!

The Concert Choir brought holiday joy to over a thousand people with their performance on Saturday, December 1st, for the Garden Grove Christmas Tree Lighting Event. Great job, Matadors!
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Michael Carr - PBIS Model Matador!

Michael is a member of the Band whom Mr. Miller describes as always being eager to be a part of the school’s band. He appreciates that Michael is always willing to help others and try new things. He's worked hard during marching band season to help our band get better, including learning a new instrument. Michael’s willingness to try new things translates to his plan to become a student athlete as well here at Bolsa. He cites his father as the person in his life that has influenced him the most. To Michael, Matador pride is simply rules in life to live by. He appreciates being selected as a Model Matador because it means that he was noticed for doing something positive without even knowing that he was doing something to make himself stand out as a role model.
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Tiffany Pham - PBIS Model Matador!

Tiffany Pham is a member of the school’s AVID program. She is recognized for her consistent positive attitude in everything she does. For Tiffany, Matador Pride is a pride in representing Bolsa Grande’s core beliefs and taking part in activities that are an integral part of the school community. Tiffany has been influenced by her mother whose hard work and ability to support her family set an outstanding example for her.  Her  encouragement to build a better lifer for herself motivates Tiffany every day. As a model matador, Tiffany states she will always try to be a role model for the Bolsa community.
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Samantha Cervantes - PBIS Model Matador!

Samantha Cervantes is a member of the school’s choir and softball team. Coach Terflinger describes her as a hard-working young lady with a great attitude. She points to Samantha’s support of her teammates as one of the many ways she makes a difference. As a 10th generation Matador, Samantha feels Matador Pride resides in the diversity of organizations in which students can be involved. She experiences this pride as she performs on the stage and competes on the softball field. Samantha is grateful for the influence her mom has provided as a strong woman, who is respectful of everyone, has a voice in life and who is certain that her words have meaning. She is proud to be selected as a Model Matador, knowing that it means she is being recognized for what she does here at Bolsa and is respected for how she conducts herself and the work she puts in as a student and athlete.
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Mychaella Sieve - PBIS Model Matador!

While Mychaella is both class President and Assemly Commissioner for ASB, Mychaella is also recognized by her classroom teachers for the way she exemplifies Matador Pride. As her student, Mrs. Shaver describes Mychaella as always willing to participate with a smile on her face and more than willing to help those around her. She is responsible, hardworking, kind and truly a team player. For Mychaella, Matador Pride means finding gratification in all that happens here at Bolsa and taking pride in seeing everyone participate and enjoy what they are doing. I want others to reach their goals as well as pursue their dreams. Mychaella’s mom is the most influential person in her life. By watch her mom and aspiring to be like her, Mychaella strives to have her mom’s kind heart and positive spirit. Her involvement in school has also been inspired by having a mom who took advantage of every opportunity to get involved and be active in the lives of others. Being selected as a Model Matador is important to Mychaella because it tells her that she is viewed by teachers and students alike as someone whose actions have made a positive impact on the lives of fellow students and the school community.
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BOYS WATERPOLO – Vincent Pham for his great sportsmanship and hard work.
GIRLS VOLLEYBALL – Amanda Cueva who is our setter and leader on the court. 
She has KILLER serves, sneaky donut sets and hits like no other!  
FOOTBALL – Jaylen Todd who is top two receiver in all of OC.  He averages 10 catches and 125  yards per game.
GIRLS TENNIS – Kayla Nguyen who has the best overall performance in pre-season.
BOYS CROSS COUNTRY – Edgar Martinez for his hard work and steady improvement.
GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY – Melissa Gomez who ran under 20 minutes for the first time!
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Friday Night Live Monthly Article

Don’t Be Snug with Drugs

68%—according to a study done by The Recovery Village, 68% of seniors in high school have tried alcohol. 35.1% have tried marijuana, and even 2.5% have been caught doing cocaine. These numbers are astounding and show how common drug usage in today’s society is. With a generation that thinks drugs are “cool,” it is becoming ever so clear that teenagers are becoming more susceptible to drug addiction every day. Nearly a quarter of high school students try illicit drugs, causing them to develop abnormalities, become depressed, and become academically unsuccessful. In fact, Just Think Twice states that high schoolers who use drugs even “have lower grades, a higher rate of absence from school and other activities, and an increased potential for dropping out of school.” This mainly occurs due to the brain interference that drug use causes, leading to a lack in focus and a drop in academic performance. Specifically in teenagers, drugs can ruin the brain while it is in its development stage. All in all, drugs can be detrimental to the success of a teenager, and they should not be taken lightly. Even doing drugs once can cause permanent damage to the brain and often leads to addiction, demonstrating that a high schooler’s “first time” may not be so harmless after all. Click on the link for more information.
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WAC helps Beautify Bolsa!

In 2016, the State of California provided a grant to Garden Grove Unified School District for the benefit of installing stormwater management features on three high school campuses (Bolsa Grande, Los Amigos, and Santiago), including low impact development (LID) landscape areas to capture, treat, and infiltrate stormwater, and for developing and implementing an educational program that raises awareness of water resource sustainability. READ FULL STORY/ SEE PICTURES HERE----->
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Friday Night Live: Take the Dare to be Aware

In today’s society it has become widely known that teenagers like to partake in social activities. It would also be plausible to say that many teens go to parties, and often they are dragged into the consumption of alcohol. Some may drink alcohol for the fleeting sensations, and others may drink it due to peer pressure. Whatever the reason may be, we as a community cannot disregard the hazards of drinking – especially underage drinking.
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BGHS ASB Takes 1st Place at OCL!

This past summer, Bolsa Grande High School’s ASB once again attended the annual Orange County Leadership (OCL) Camp held at UC Santa Barbara on August 7th-10th. With their skit inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Bolsa put their own modern twist by incorporating a public service announcement style PSA about how cell phones and technology negatively affect our daily lives. After weeks of hard work and dedication, Bolsa pulled together to execute an astounding skit. Out of the 48 schools in attendance, Bolsa performed in front of over 2,000 students and placed first overall at the Talent Show on August 9th. Congratulations Bolsa Grande ASB!
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BGHS STEM takes 2nd in the Nation!!

Congratulations yet again to the amazing BGHS Stem team who have won an astounding second place overall in the nation at the MESA National Engineering Design Challenge!
Led by Mr. Ryan Tonthat, club advisor, Bolsa Grande High School upcoming senior David Chuong and “just graduated” alumni Duy Pham and Danny Vo took home the award after spending the better part of the 2017-2018 school year designing, developing and building an electronic device created to solve authentic real-world problems. After winning preliminary competitions earlier in the year at UCI, the team went on to take 2nd overall this summer in Philadelphia. Way to go, STEM!
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Bolsa Student Represents

Earlier this summer, the Board of Education welcomed our new Student Board Representative for the 2018-19 school year: Silayan Camson from Bolsa Grande High School! Silayan has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and is very active on the campus at Bolsa. She has been a team member on varsity swim for the past three years, volunteered with the American Cancer Society and UNICEF Clubs, and served on Bolsa’s Yearbook Club and in leadership roles as a Sister City Student Ambassador, American Cancer Society Publicity Chair, ASB cabinet member and Youth Leadership of America associate. Silayan will also be the upcoming Editor-in-Chief for Bolsa’s school newspaper and hopes to help grow the school’s journalism program. Welcome Silayan!
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BGHS Senior awarded as an 2018 Orange County Athlete of the Year

On May 29th, Janel Nguyen, graduating senior, was honored for her athletic talents at the 2018 Orange County Athletes of the Year Dinner. Presented by the OC Athletic Directors Association and held at the Anaheim Convention Center, male and female Student-Athletes of the Year from leagues spanning Orange County gathered to accept their awards. Nguyen was in elite athletic company as she proudly represented Bolsa Grande High School and the Garden Grove League. Congratulations, Janel, on a job well done!
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Congratulations, Bolsa Grande! Recognized as a US News 2018 BEST HIGH SCHOOL!

U.S. News & World Report, widely acknowledged as an expert in education rankings, has announced the 2018 Best High Schools and BGHS is again among the elite schools that qualify for the “Best High Schools” Silver. Less than 30% of our nation's schools qualify to become a “Best High School,” and this recognition honors the very best in education. The U.S. News rankings showcase public schools at the state and national level that best serve the entire student body, including disadvantaged populations. Specifically, rankings focus on graduation rates and state proficiency tests, and it has been determined that students at the approximately 6,000 Best High Schools (out of more than 20,00 schools analyzed) graduate at an average 15 percent higher than students at schools nationwide that do not qualify READ FULL TEXT---->
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The Annual BGHS/Scott Ross Faculty Golf Tournament - Fun for a Good Cause

Last weekend, BGHS faculty held their annual BGHS/Scott Ross Faculty Golf Tournament for a little friendly competition and some fun and relaxation under the sun. Held at David L. Baker Golf Course in Fountain Valley, golfers played for pride and prizes. Proceeds were donated to the Ronald McDonald House, an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to "create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children" in the name of former student Scott Ross.
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Congratulations, Long Ho! Class of 2018 Valedictorian!

Recently, we were extremely proud to celebrate Bolsa Grande High School’s Class of 2018 Valedictorian at the GGUSD District School Board Meeting. Principal Louise Milner had these glowing words to say:

“Good evening President Harden, Members of the Board, Dr. Mafi, staff and community members. It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce Long Ho, Bolsa Grande High School’s Class of 2018 Valedictorian. Long is an exceptional individual who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities, academics and community service. READ FULL TEXT----->
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BG Students Saving the World - One DROP at a Time

Last month, the Wilderness Adventure Club, (WAC) paired with ASB and the CA State Water Resources Control Board to bring our student body an inspirational and powerful assembly. After watching compelling videos - both professional and student made (videos are attached below!) - the assembly encouraged our student body to take action to protect our earth for generations to come. READ FULL TEXT -->
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BGHS STEM is Heading to Nationals!!! Next stop - Philadelphia!

The Bolsa Grande STEM club continues to steamroll the competition, securing a 1ST Place win at UCI this weekend at the MESA Engineering California Championship. Next stop? Philadephia! Temple University College of Engineering hosts this high-level competition, showcasing the best of the MESA National Engineering Design Competition (NEDC) teams. The BGHS team will be flown out to compete at this next level in June.

This semester, the BGHS STEM team designed and created an original “Document Organizing System” that was made to fit as part of the Human-Centered Design approach of engineering. READ FULL STORY -->
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BGHS Wins At UCI Performance Engineering Competition!

At the 2018 UCI Performance Engineering Project Competition, Bolsa Grande High School received a 2nd place award, outperforming twelve other schools including two colleges. Student attendees on April 28th included: Omar Alegria, Edgar Gurrola, Gregory Mateo and Michael Sieve. Students that were involved with the build were the following: Obed Garcia, Steve Luna, Justin Nguyen, Josue Ontiveros, Jonathan Perez, Vincent Perez, and Christian Shellum.
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Drum Line Places at the American Drum Line Association Championships!

Congratulations to Bolsa Grande Drum Line who competed in the American Drum Line Association Championships at Azusa Pacific University. We placed eighth out of forty-two schools in Southern California. The win marks a continuation of Drum line's storied excellence and history here at Bolsa. Over the past four years, Drum Line has qualified for multiple championships placing in the top 12% of Southern California. Congratulations again, Matadors!
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Janel Nguyen Awarded Garden Grove League "Female Athlete of the Year"

Janel Nguyen, a graduating Senior at Bolsa Grande High School, has been honored at the highest level for her exceptional athletic abilities. After receiving Bolsa Grande’s “Female Athlete of the Year,” the Orange County Athletic Directors Association (OCADA) awarded Nguyen the "Garden Grove League Female Athlete of the Year," establishing her as the most accomplished female athlete in the entire Garden Grove league READ FULL STORY ----->
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Matadors Celebrate Native American Dance

Recently, some of our very own Matadors helped bring Native American culture and tradition alive at the "21st Annual Rancho Days Fiesta" in Heritage Hill Historical Park. The powerful performance of authentic dance and dress was broadcast on the local KTLA Morning News and included, among others, Bolsa Grande students Ba’ac Garcia, Nanabah Kadenehii, and mother Lupe Lopez.

The eight-person troupe performs not only throughout our community but also at California Indian reservations and Native American reservations nationwide. SEE FULL STORY W PICS AND VIDEO---->
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VSA Receives 2nd Place in the Saigon Broadcasting Variety TV Show!

Earlier this week, the BGHS Vietnamese Student Association, led by VSA President Dustin Tran and show director Lena Pham, won second place in the SBTN annual Tiệng Viêt Mến Yêu variety TV show. The Saigon Broadcasting Television Network is headquartered in our very own Garden Grove and has been celebrating Vietnamese culture for over ten years. CLICK TO SEE MORE ----->​
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Bolsa Grande STEM Team Wins First Place - Sweeps at National Engineer Design Competition!

Congratulations to Bolsa Grande High School’s very own STEM Club, advised by Mr. Ryan Tonthat, who placed first at the National Engineer Design Competition this April. This annual, hands-on engineering competition is aligned with the California State Board of Education and Next Generation Science Standards and is facilitated by the national organization MESA  (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement). MESA, an organization that focuses on disadvantaged students, has helped thousands of youth to become engineers, scientists, and mathematicians in the STEM field. READ FULL ARTICLE -------------->
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Congratulations Winter Guard Champions! Winners of 4 medals in 4 years!

In April, Bolsa Grande’s Winter Guard kept up their four-year winning streak with a bronze medal win at the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) Championship. Overseen by Mr. John Miller, Instrumental Music Director,  and coaches Tina Do and Kathy Trang, our BGHS Winterguard is an award-winning ensemble that performs and competes during the winter and spring season. READ FULL ARTICLE ------>
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Seniors Awarded at OCDE AVID Senior Scholarship Recognition Ceremony

On Tuesday, April 24th, the AVID Team went to the OCDE AVID Senior Scholarship Recognition Ceremony at UCI. According to Maryana Massoud, AVID Coordinator,
"It is always such an amazing night where we get to hear all the amazing and inspiring stories of high school students who persevere through crazy trials and achieve their dreams. They also get to be awarded with lots of free money!!"
Congratulations go out to Tiffany Guyot, Viet Pham, and Nadyah Shah!
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Matador JieQi Yan Wins at the GGUSD 40th Annual "First Impressions Student Art Exhibit"

Every year, the Garden Grove Unified School District honors our students’ visual arts achievements by showcasing exceptional student work at the GGUSD "First Impressions Student Art Exhibit". Earlier this week, after judging hundreds of outstanding pieces of artwork sent in from K-12 students, GGUSD awarded Bolsa Grande’s own JieQi Yan the “President of the School Board” award. Yan, who is enrolled in Mrs. Mindy Cherri's Ap 2-D Studio class, created the award-winning work "Children of Ethnic Minorities" in oil and gold leaf. It is a visually arresting piece in triptych format, which is traditionally three separate pieces of art designed to be displayed together. Yan's portfolio concentration is on children of multiple ethnicities, their beauty, and their challenges. READ FULL ARTICLE -------->
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Matadors Go High-Tech at the S.T.E.A.M. Expo - Imaginology 2018!

Bolsa Art Students recently spent the day at "Imaginology," a S.T.E.A.M. Expo [Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Mathematics] held a the Orange County Fair and Event Center. After viewing an informative tech presentation, Bolsa students participated in a wide range of fun and hands-on educational activities designed to inspire and encourage academic and career exploration.
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Famous Musician Plays Music with Matadors

Jake Shimabukuro, famous ukulele musician, spent time at Bolsa Grande High School last week to share his talents with students with special needs. Shimabukuro, who is internationally famous for his musical ukulele talent and currently tours to sold out concert arenas throughout the country, created a foundation in 2015 that gives back to the community. Shimabukuro’s goal is to bring music to students, and make the dream of expanding music programs throughout public education a reality.
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