BGHS Alum Showcased in CSUF "Daily Titan"


Faced with incredible challenges at a very early age, Joey is indeed a success story.  

Josephine “Joey” Hernandez, was recently showcased in her college paper for her many accomplishments in the face of obstacle and challenge. Joey was a sophomore at Bolsa Grande High School when she experienced an unexpectedly severe decline in her vision which left her with severely impaired vision. Formerly a student at a neighboring GGUSD high school, Hernandez began failing classes as her vision worsened. According to her former teacher, Pam Rush, Education Specialist in Vision Impairments, after transferring her to the Bolsa Grande Vision Program, she began getting A's in her classes. The Vision Impairment program uses multiple modalities to assist students with visual impairments to access their academics and talents, and despite her setback in vision, Joey continued to remain dedicated in her passion for art. As a proud graduate of Bolsa Grande’s Visual Impairment Program and a natural talent, Joey has continued to thrive, overcome challenges and is now an award-winning artist. Her work has won first place in the American Printing House for the Blind Annual InSights Art Contest and was also on display at Marshall B. Ketchum University for the annual Shared Visions Art Exhibit. Joey is currently a Sophomore at CSUF and remains dedicated to giving back to the community by volunteering with the Braille Institute with a focus on youth programs.