Mr. Pat Kenney » Welcome Matadors!!!!

Welcome Matadors!!!!

Course title:                  Algebra and Physical Science

Course Instructor:       Mr. Kenney


School website: 


Teacher’s philosophy:

I believe that all students can learn and succeed through determination perseverance, and support.  I will share with students my passion for teaching Mathematics/Science and apply critical-thinking skills to real life applications.  With these goals in mind, I believe that my students will be lifelong learners and continually reflect to make another step closer to their dreams.


Course overview:

This course will provide a complete curriculum for Common Core standards based instruction in Algebra and Physical Science  Aside from learning the skills and concepts developed in this discipline, students will have various opportunities to work independently and in small groups, to use research materials in preparation of oral and written reports.  They will also be able to use technology and work through real life applications.


Method of instruction:                                               Method of evaluation:

  1. direct teaching                                                          teacher grading
  2. small group learning                                                 peer review and assisting
  3. reciprocal teaching                                                   project, presentation
  4. independent practice                                                district assessments
  5. oral presentation                                                       standards-based assessment
  6. use of thinking maps                                                 quizzes and exams


Course materials:

Textbook, paper, pens, pencils, highlighters and calculator